Ranking of candidates

Admission to the Master in Finance and Economics is conditional on the formal ECTS requirements and on the assessment of the personal qualification of candidates made by the Admission Board taking into account the documents submitted with the application and, if needed, the interview outcome. The assessment takes into account the following criteria:

  1. Academic merit (length and quality of the previous degree as well as the final grade): max 40 points;
  2. Recommendation letter (max one letter): max 10 points;
  3. Quality of the motivation letter: max 30 points;
  4. Coherence between the academic curriculum and/or activities previously carried out and the learning objectives of the master’s degree in Economics and Finance: max 20 points;

Applicants who obtain less than 50 points are not admitted.
Applicants who obtain more than 80 points are admitted without any further verification.
Applicants who obtain a score above 50 points but less than 80 points will be requested to take an oral interview (via skype).

The Admission Board  reserves the possibility to request the applicant an oral interview for admission, held in English language and exclusively done via electronic devices (eg.: via skype). Such possibility is reserved for the students that have not fully fulfilled one or more of the minimum requirements for the admission due to the irregularities in the credit system or title of study or due to other objective motivation relevant in the analysis of the material attached to the application for admission (including the motivation letter and the recommendation letter, other relevant documents/titles attached and the potential lack of any English certification) that results in a score above 50 points but less than 80 points out of 100, according to the above mentioned grid. The interview is aimed at verify the applicants’ motivations, the English language knowledge and the above mentioned skills, according to the procedure established by the internal Regulation – Regolamento didattico.

More and specific information about this matter is available in the ‘Entry requirements‘ section of this website.