MEF Experience

Camilla Geroli

MEF student (graduation: December 2019)
Currently working at Uvet Global Business Travel as a Business Analyst

My experience at MEF was very positive, in particular I want to highlight two main aspects: the possibility to work on my final thesis during the internship and my exchange in China.

Concerning my final thesis, I had the opportunity to work on it while doing my internship in UVET (Italian comapny in Business Travel Services and Tourism). I’ve really appreciated this opportunity because it allowed me to work on a practical project that was of particular interest for the company and at the same time I had the chance to study deeply on it from an academic point of view, with the support of my professors.

As a second positive opportunity that MEF program offered me, I want to share my experience as an exchange student in Beijing (China). It has been a memorable experience from both a personal and academic point of view. Everyday life in China is quite challenging for a European student especially because of the language, but every small accomplishment turned up to be very rewarding. From an academic point of view, I got to know a completely different education system: classes were less focused on theory, final exams were often replaced by presentations or the realization of academic papers, which is helping me a lot for my final thesis. Also, the composition of the class was very diversified: some of my classmates were CEOs of small companies and people with some years of working experience, which made the class a very interesting environment.

My advice for all MEF students is to take all opportunities that the University is offering them, not limiting themselves to study for mandatory exams.

Marco Zanotti

Graduation Year: 2017
Present: Data Scientist @ Uvet Global Business Travel

My course of studies is very diversified since I started with a bachelor’s in Political Sciences at the University of Parma, then I graduated at MEF and after that, while I was already working, in 2018 I obtained a second level master’s in Data Science. I switched from a mainly humanistic course to a more scientific one for two reasons actually: first because I liked economics subjects, and second, but most important, because I was looking for a study course that was more quantitative and more practical.
MEF turned out to be exactly what I was looking for because it is a very well-balanced course between the economic and financial part and the mathematical and statistical one, that is between building economic skills and statistical skills.
Indeed, what I really appreciated from MEF is that it gave me the possibility to deepen my quantitative knowledge, that is the mathematical and statistical side of the course, strongly and I think that this is one of the key features of the course.
Moreover, for many courses we had to prepare projects, using softwares and even programming languages like R and MATLAB and this is really a plus, because it gives you the possibility to put theory into practice and after all this is exactly what companies (outside the University, out there on the job) will ask you to do, to take a concept and produce something.
Thanks to MEF I was admitted and I was able to successfully obtain a second level master’s in data science because it gave me a sound statistical and mathematical knowledge and it introduced me to world of programming languages, especially to R.
One of primary roles on the job is to produce forecasts of business time series data by means of statistical models, and actually MEF has helped me to learn how to do this.
Finally, my advice for those of you that will be MEF students is to start building up a programming skill from the very beginning of the course since it is a mindset and it is a high demanded skill on the job market and it will be even more in the future.

Riccardo De Iovanna

MEF gratuate 2017

My name is Riccardo De Iovanna, currently Financial Analyst at the Goldman Sachs’ Corporate Treasury in Warsaw.
MEF was a great epilogue of my long academic path which started long time ago at the faculty of jurisprudence at Università degli Studi di Roma Tre.

In three years I made a bold decision to change the area and started a BSc in Management at Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza where I graduated in 2015. During that period I had a one year Erasmus exchange programme in Germany which altered my understanding of studies and significantly improved my English.
A couple of months before my BSc graduation I was hired as Credit Analyst for the BNP Paribas Group in Milan.
Having a strong desire to go further in my qualifications development, I applied for the Master in Economics and Finance at Unimi and got acquainted with Prof Manzi during the interview part of the selection. I understood it was the very programme I wanted to attend due to the international environment, a course of studies entirely conducted in English and the quantitative side of finance. I’ve never regretted that choice.
During the end of the 1st year of MEF I took part in an international exchange program and moved to Warsaw for my 2nd Erasmus. There I took several very engaging classes and met Goldman’s people at a recruiting event. Then I applied for their job position and was hired a couple of weeks earlier than my Master graduation.
I managed to go through the whole hiring process having combined my exciting Goldman training program in New York with my graduation thesis defence in Milan. It was a tough but unique period of my life which I would never forget.
I believe MEF is an incredible chance you are going to experience, an amazing opportunity for your development and skills enhancement. It will change your life.

Gianluca Favaro

MEF graduate 2017

My name is Gianluca Favaro. I’m a graduate student of economics and finance and I’ve spent five months at the Plekhanov university in Moscow. It was such an amazing experience. From a students’ perspective the university offered a wide number of subjects and activities that we could do. So I was really surprised, because it also offers a lot of services to integrate foreign students into the university ordinary life. Talking about the university, I was really surprised about the number of subject and activity that a student can do. It offers a lot of service to integrate foreigners student in the university’s life. All the professors that I ‘ve had were really competent in their subject. They spoke on perfect English and were always ready to help us. They use a method a little different from the method used by my professor in my home university, based most on projects then theory.
The city of Moscow has everything for everyone; it is impossible to get bored.
I would suggest you this experience first because you will learn a new language with great, great facility, second because you will make a lot of new friend and third because you will have a great opportunity to discover a country always talked by everyone else and see, with you eyes, how is it for real!.

Olga Pilla

2nd year student 2017/18

I am a MEF student and I am attending the Financial Economics curriculum at the Unimi.

Thanks to MEF, last summer I had the opportunity to take part to a wonderful experience, probably the most significant in my life: I worked as intern for “The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao”. During my internship I had an active role in market research, I supported and I took part to the events with international guests and I had to keep contacts with customers. At the Chamber the workers have a fundamental aim: the promotion of Italian Business but in a positive way..

The mangers are smart, serious and very young, so in the office the interns are constantly incentivized to give their best; the only characteristic that projects have in common is that they must be concluded in the shortest time, so we had to work as quick as possible with the best performance.

Thanks to all the people that helps me to realize this dream: they gave me the possibility to learn more about the Asian world (cultural and economic aspects); this adventure offered me an incredible cultural baggage from the personal to the working point of view.

John Mark Opoku

Graduation year: 2016/2017

Present: Audit Intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Milan

My 2 years as a MEF student passed within a twinkle of an eye.
My experience at MEF was such a memorable one which I will never forget in my entire life.
It was characterised by excellent course organization and an incomparable tuition.
MEF has really broadened my knowledge in financial economics and data analysis.

After MEF, I have been working with an Auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as an Audit Intern in Milan.

I vehemently recommend MEF for all up and coming students who want to have a break-through in the job Market.

Emanuele Guidotti

Graduation year: 2017

Present: Freelancer & Member of The YUIMA Team (Statistical Research)

My story starts at the Physics Department of the University of Milan where I developed quantitative, analytical and programming skills but, above all, I learned to see things in an open-minded way and examine ideas or concepts from as many angles as possible.
This allowed me to get the best out of MEF, where I developed a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and further developed programming skills (especially R) and statistical knowledge.
During the course I’ve been working on developing the yuimaGUI, a statistical software that I presented at international conferences in Oviedo, Chicago and Tokyo (and London very soon).

My primary commitment at the moment is : the WebApp I’m developing to make people’s life a little easier and happier 🙂

I strongly encourage those having a scientific background to apply to MEF. They are complementary.

Mohsen Asgari

2nd year student 2017/18

Present:  Working on my Thesis

The MEF course offered me a wide range of value-enhancing activities, so as to enhance the all-round development, research ability, and job-readiness. During this master, I had the opportunity to receive instructions on very exciting quantitative modules. The MEF curriculum is fantastic and really up-to-dated and I appreciate the professors, but the MEF is not all about that. I really enjoyed getting involved in projects in every course and optional laboratories, those are great opportunities that you can leverage your talents and extend more insight regarding finance in action and observing the applications of theories in real market.

The first year of MEF, with full-time lectures, projects, and exams, is a bit overwhelming and competitive. Therefore, it is really good opportunity to challenge your skills and struggle to adjust your habits such as time management, prioritization and dealing with rigorous financial and economical topics. The most interesting thing about the MEF is that you can choose between two totally different syllabuses and also you have optional lectures from both of them, based on your interests.

I make a suggestion to newcomers and prospective students to MEF that, “just dive in and get engaged”, because this course has a great potential to prepare students and all you have to do will be just to be part of it as well as you will be wondered how much you can get out of it.

Mohammad Shahedi

Graduation year: 2016

Present: Data scientist in Cedacri S.p.A

MEF is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to pursue a career in Finance, Banking or like me in Data science.

The lectures gave me a clear insight about the financial markets and how to analyze financial time series by using different softwares like Gretl and R.

Professors have always dedicated sufficient office hours to help us understand  the subjects which I personally really appreciate.

Thanks to  MEF, now I’m a full time Data scientist in Cedacri S.p.A. -the most important Italian company specialized in outsourcing services for the banking sector- and I really encourage everyone to apply for this amazing master course.

Giuseppe Cavallaro

2nd year student 2017/18

Present: Intern as Financial Analyst- Iason Ltd

I’m currently an Intern in a consulting company. The skills and knowledge during my period of study allowed me to apply for this position and being selected.

The class-works and the lectures really stimulate the comprehension and the growth of the students and encourage them to go beyond the actual level of knowledge. I really suggest to everyone who likes finance and its analytical aspects, to take the challenges that MEF provides.

I am glad to the MEF for the unique opportunity that I had to take part to the programme exchange at the PHBS Business School University of Shenzhen, China.

During this period, I had the opportunity to test myself in a completely different environment and in a high innovative university at the edge of innovation in Finance and investment. It also allowed me to open my mind on the Far East continent and see the fast growth of China.

In sum, I am very happy with my choice and I can see that it has already helped me in building my career.